Keith , Gayle and Scooter Gibson said: April 17th, 2012  "Captain Bill was a real treat to fish with. If anyone wants to catch some Big fish, Capt Bill can get you there. We fished two days and caught 18 large cats , about 400 lbs of fish. The largest was 38 lbs. One day we overfilled the cooler with fish, and no other guides caught more than one or two that day. We had a great time and will definitely use Capt Bill on our next trip."

We had a blast with Capt. Bill. He went way out of his way to find the fish for us. We caught a 38lb & 34lb cat and a half dozen 20lb plus. We are planning our next trip in April or May. February 21, 2012 – Ronnie

Had a great time. Good fellowship, fine weather, time with the family, and caught some fish. What more can I ask for. - Seng Lee

Captain Bill aint no bull, he put us on the Big Blue Cats and we ended up with 11 total and had over 70 lbs of fillets! - Charles Koski

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On a last summer fishing trip, Rebecca and Randal said, "Thanks Capt. Bill for a great time.  Gave me and my wife some memories to take home with us lol reeeel reeel lol. Was really nice meeting.  I will be back me and my father will see you in January."

10 year old Gavin caught a 77.8 pound big cat with me, March 25th. Check out the article in SC Sportsman!

 10-year-old angler catches 76-pound Santee catfish